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Vicki's practice is built on the foundation that each person matters, and she is dedicated to working hard along with the individual to guide their progress so each person can become healthy, well, and whole. She is concerned about the individual's worldview, their issues, their needs, and their places of pain. She is motivated to consistently provide energy to guide care for healing.

Vicki achieved her Master's degree in Nursing as an Advanced Practice Nurse at the University of Minnesota in 2008. Since completing her degree she transitioned to Private Practice after a 13 year history of psychiatric nursing at Hennepin County Medical Center. Her practice has evolved to include integrated care for medication management and supportive therapy for adults with serious and persistent mental illness, depression, anxiety, and co-occurring substance use disorder. She has continued to pursue areas of professional and personal growth to understand and provide effective treatment with medication management and psychosocial/relationship recovery.

Additional Areas of Service

  • Genesight Testing                                                   

  • Consultation with CD/SUD treatment programs

  • Community Education - Diagnosis and Skills      

  • Mentoring new APRN graduates                          

  • Ownership/Clinical Direction of MHCS               

Vicki enjoys music, reading, backyard fires, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with her children (lots of them!) and grandchildren.

Karen Finck: TeamMember
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