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Misty Forest Reflection


At Mental Health Counseling Services, we offer a safe place for reflection, personal growth, and healing.  Whether you are looking for guidance on a specific challenge, or a long-term support system, at MHCS you will be treated with dignity and respect.



It is the mission of Mental Health Counseling Services to help all people achieve the lives they want through relationship-oriented mental healthcare and sustainable business practices.


At Mental Health Counseling Services, we believe that mental healthcare can be a transformative experience which can help a person, no matter their specific goals. Our clinicians are open-minded, nonjudgmental, experienced, and committed to providing you with the very best care that they have to offer. We believe in the healing power of relationships. MHCS strives to be an extension of the community we serve. We have learned that through collaboration competent staff and providers can facilitate and promote growth and dignity in their patients and in one another, improving outcomes for us all.

We welcome clients from all walks of life and do not discriminate on the basis of wealth, education, sexuality, race, creed, religion, or gender. Silly, grumpy, happy, sad, nervous, confused, hopeless, frustrated, or scared: whoever you are, you are welcome here.




Relationships are the foundation of our mental health and wellness. Through our connections to one another we find meaning, support, joy, and challenges-- they are the basic elements which compose meaningful change. This knowledge of the fundamental importance of relationships elevates collaboration as our organization's most central value.

A therapeutic relationship without trust and understanding is hollow and useless. Our providers partner with their patients in their care: collaborating and individualizing their treatment to reflect each patient's singular uniqueness. We have observed this seemingly simple approach have a profound impact on how patients respond to the care they receive. We are complicated and distinct organisms, and mental healthcare in particular must be informed by this consideration.

If we accept the central importance of healthy relationships to our wellbeing, then they must necessarily inform how we operate as a business. For our firm, this translates to an emphasis on sustainability over volume. Each employee is treated with the same attention to their individuality and unique goals that they extend to the people they serve. Profit-driven production suffocates the freedom and creativity which fuels innovative, patient-centered care, burning out providers and leaving patients without the support they need to thrive.


In our small corner of the world, MHCS hopes to create meaningful change for the people we serve and the people who serve them. We have observed, and will continue to elevate, that our relationships with one another are the path to that better future.


People come to us for assistance and support with an endlessly variable diversity of goals. Regardless of the specific outcome they are trying to achieve, the unifying theme is their desire for some degree of growth or change within themselves or their environment. We know that people are capable of achieving the progression they are pursuing because we have had the humbling privilege of repeatedly witnessing such a transformation occur. Adaptation is a profound process; we learn how to thrive in the world. Too often we limit one another because we have given up on the idea that the other can grow, but MHCS is deeply committed to the idea that growth is ever possible. This knowledge inspires us to both nurture this possibility in our patients and to find creative new ways to develop our service and improve our agency.




Dignity can be a somewhat nebulous concept to define, but we can understand its importance in how it manifests. Managing any illness can be a humbling, disorienting, and challenging process, and mental healthcare can be a particularly vulnerable experience. When we ennoble one another, we elevate ourselves as well. Our clinic’s practices are predicated on the reality that the people we serve are neither a burden nor are they a commodity; our staff and providers are not means of production or tools to achieve a certain end—we are all a collective community working toward a common purpose: to build a future in which we work together to support each other’s wellness. In this pursuit, there are no diminutive parts. Each individual is a vital participant, and we must all consciously and continuously respect everyone’s importance and contribution to a healthier tomorrow.




Every day we face uncertainty and risk. Starting a new job, building a new habit, trying a new medication, moving from one state of being to another: we cannot predict with total certainty what the future holds. When someone asks for support, either with their mental healthcare or on their professional journey, we understand the extent of the trust they are placing in us. We must honor the faith that others have in us and deliver on the commitments we make to one another. The team at MHCS is only composed of people who appreciate the gravity of this responsibility. Beyond our accountability to the agreements we make, we approach the people we serve with the knowledge that they, too, are capable of achieving the goals they have for themselves. Mental healthcare without confidence in our patients would be a futile and wasteful prospect. Such cynicism has no place in our group, as our patients have consistently proven that they have within them the power and ability to create their own futures.


We accept most major insurance in the state of Minnesota, such as:

  • BlueCross/BlueShield MN

  • HealthPartners

  • Medica (UBH)

  • PreferredOne

  • UCare

  • Cigna

  • Minnesota Health Care Programs (MA & MN Care)

  • Medicare

For those patient who do not wish to submit claims to insurance we also offer discounted private pay rates. We are happy to answer whichever questions we can about covered services. For detailed information about your coverage, please contact your insurance company. For more information on paying for your care, click the button below.


If you are interested in becoming a new patient, please contact the office and request to be set up as a new patient. Please be prepared to answer questions about your mental health treatment history, what services you are looking for, any medications you are currently prescribed, your current insurance coverage, and any other relevant information, as applicable. We will enter you in to our system and help you coordinate your first appointment.


We welcome the opportunity to partner with forward-thinking clinicians who are invested in their patients and who are motivated to create a more sustainable, relationship-oriented future in mental healthcare. Click here for more information.  

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