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Amy is an Advanced Practice Nurse who is both a Certified Nurse Midwife and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. This dual licensure helps her not only provide quality care within each discipline, but to appreciate how the disciplines overlap. While she enjoys working with all genders, she has expertise in how the effects of the different stages of a woman’s lifecycle can negatively and positively effect mental health and quality of life.

She has the unique skillset to provide both mental health and addiction medicine services to women before, during, and after pregnancy. Her education allows her to understand this time of a woman’s life and offer options that are based in proven evidence, not social opinions. She appreciates the uniqueness of all stages of a woman’s life and integrates the effects of hormonal changes, as well as the role changes, that impact a woman’s mental health and wellness. She has been featured in a documentary, press, webinars, and has been interviewed on radio regarding her work with pregnant women with opioid use disorders.

She is passionate about treating drug and alcohol use disorders with compassion and dignity based on science, not stigma. She is licensed to prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone) to those struggling with opioid use disorder.

She has spoken on the topic of Drug Use Disorders in Pregnancy at many community, medical, and leadership conferences, including the University of Minnesota Medical School and Graduate Nursing Programs, Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nursing, American College of Nurse Midwives, Minnesota Perinatal Organization, Minnesota March of Dimes, Minnesota Department of Human Services American Indian Advisory Committee, and was keynote speaker at the Beltrami County Child Protective Services Annual Conference.  Her focus is clinical practice, policies, and interventions based on science, rather than stigma.

Her clinical work has primarily been with people experiencing extreme poverty that see violence and drug use disorders at a much higher rate than the national average. She works closely with those who have experienced multi-generational sexual violence, human trafficking, drug and alcohol dependence, and many types of trauma. Amy worked as a sexual assault nurse examiner for Hennepin and Dakota Counties in Minnesota for over ten years and was the 2013 President of the Minnesota Chapter of the International Association of Forensic Nurses. She is a past member of the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force.

“I can offer guidance on medications, coping strategies, and behavior modification options, but you are the expert on yourself: where you come from, what you believe, where you want to be in your own life, and which of the many paths I can offer is best suited to you. Mental health is one facet of health. It does not operate separately from our physical, spiritual, and overall health. I believe that people deserve accurate information based on science, not social stigma. We often go for annual physical wellness exams and learn how to keep ourselves as physically strong and healthy as we can be. Supporting mental wellness should be given the same respect in how it can impact our quality of life, and tools for keeping ourselves healthy should be handed out as readily as heart health, diabetes prevention, and seat belt or bike helmet safety are.

One of my core practice philosophies is that I cannot empower you—I cannot give you something you already have. I simply recognize that you are truly powerful."


Maryville University - Post Master Certification in Psychiatric Mental Nurse Practitioner

University of Minnesota - Master of Science in Midwifery 

Mayo School of Health Science - Midwife Training 

University of Minnesota - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Karen Finck: TeamMember
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